Guitar Sarasota

gs_portfolio_v12006-present: GuitarSarasota is a non-profit organization that promotes the education, appreciation and cultural significance of the classical guitar as a solo and chamber music instrument in Sarasota, FL
Marketing, Public Relations, Design, Website, Social Media, Online Communities Director freelance
in consulting for this local non-profit organization, I design marketing and public relations campaigns
• acting as the marketing and art director, I design all marketing materials, plan and maintain the advertising budget, write the radio commercials, design and maintain the website, social media, and online community
• as the public relations director, I prepare all press releases, deal with media relations, schedule interviews and articles

Testimonial from Kim Perkins, Founding Board Member and Treasurer of GuitarSarasota and Former Owner of Elysian Fields: “her marketing and public relations genius (and I do mean that!) was a crucial part of GuitarSarasota’s success as it grew from a fledgling classical guitar society to its current status as an integral part of the Sarasota classical music scene. She skillfully handled and promoted not only the International Classical Guitar Series, but also the Community and Educational Outreach component each season. Jennifer was able to create, closely monitor, and promote the GuitarSarasota brand consistently and expertly in a very targeted niche market. Her local contacts were key to a successful marketing plan as well … her expertise and work ethic are incredible.

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